Cat Grooming

We love our cats here at Serenity Paws! 

Cats are kept separately from dogs, in the most quiet part of the salon. Because cats are not as inclined to the grooming process, we try to complete their cuts in an hour or less. Although not common, sometimes cats are too unhappy for a full groom. If this is the case we will not force them to finish, and  we only charge for what we were able to do.


We try not to keep cats here for more than an hour. Cats don't tolerate kenneling as well as dogs, so we ask cat owners to be prepared to get their feline friend when we notify that they're ready and to bring them in their own kennel.

  • Haircut without bath: $60-$65

  • Haircut with bath: $65-$75

  • Brushing and de-matting only: $25-$35

  • Bath only: $40-$70

  • Cat nail capping (Soft Paws): $20

  • Cat nail clipping: $10

If you are debating between nail clipping and nail capping, we recommend nail clipping as nail capping can cause problems such as infections in the cuticle

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