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Inside the Salon

3700 square feet of space with a well-thought-out compartmentalized design to minimize noise, allow animals to be separated from the bathing area and loud dryers,  3 entrance/exit doors in the front to minimize crowding and intermingling between dogs/clients upon check out and check-in, directional floor plan to allow all support staff to flow through the salon ( 23 team members keeping a watchful eye on all our visitors) without having to run into others, 3 back door emergency exits, and 14 cameras to help minimize accidents and elevate our service. All of this is backed up to the BEAUTIFUL dog-friendly Mary Kyer Park where our handling/boarding license allows us to walk them during day stays, boarding, or when needed.  

store front from outside.jpg

Lobby- checking in, checking out, passing through?  We have three entrances/exits in the front of the facility.  The south entrance/exit is primarily for checking out, and the north entrance/exit is primarily for checking in.  The middle door is used for overflow so that we don't have dogs in separate families mingling. This keeps the lobby safe and keeps the crowding to a minimum. Please remember, all the doors are open and can be used, so if you see someone already standing at one of the entrances/exits move over to the next door- this will keep things flowing nicely. Every door can be utilized for checking in and out during busy times, and just remember to give each client and their pet a little space to avoid any unnecessary spats. 

lobby check out waiting .jpg
lobby check out new floor.jpg
lobby new floor_edited.jpg

Walk-in bathing area for giant breeds and/or geriatric pets that have a difficult time jumping.

The elevated tubs are perfect for small dogs.  Pets are NEVER left unattended in tubs or drying areas. 

large dog bathing close up.jpg
mini dood bath and towel.jpeg

Elevated drying areas. High-velocity dryers are used in this area that can sometimes be loud. Our pets can typically hear better than us and therefore can sometimes be extra sesitive to the loud dryers. It is not only important for our team to protect their ears,  but also theirs. We use happy hoodies on all pets being dried with velocity dryers. 

doug dry.jpg
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