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Members Only Day Stay and


Day Stay and Boarding services are for members ONLY at Serenity Paws. 

Day Stay - $30/day

If added on the same day as grooming appointment - $15 


-2 walks 

-1 feeding or treat time

-Human interaction throughout the day

-Private kennels of a comfortable size

- Fluffy matt

-Access to clean fresh water

-Dogs will NOT be let loose in a common area

Stay fee's

If you do not pick up your pets within the hour that we call after a grooming appointment, they will be moved to the day-stay area so they can receive walks to relieve themselves and recieve the care they need for a longer stay. The day stay rate will be added to your groom cost. It is for your convenience, so if you need extra time, just let us know, and we will take care of them :)



Drop off as early as 7:00 AM 

Dogs must be picked up by 5:30 PM

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