Puppy's first groom

From your first pet to a new addition, every puppy's first groom is a special experience. We offer puppy grooms for furry friends under 5 months of age to introduce them to the grooming process. The cost for a puppy groom is $25.00 -$35.00 depending on breed.

You can help your puppy get ready at home! Here are some things to do to make sure your pup is confident for their first appointment: 

  • Play with their paws and touch their face and ears during cuddle times

  • Socialize them well so they are comfortable being around strangers without their owner.

  • Give them a little bath and introduce them to the sound and sensation of a blow dryer or fan. 

  • Teach them the difference between playtime and quiet time. This helps them learn that there is a difference between toys to play with and tools to sit still for. 

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