Welcome to Serenity Paws! 

Serenity Paws is a local, faith-based grooming salon servicing exceptional quality grooms for pets in the Colorado Springs area. We hold high ethical standards combined with cutting-edge policies and procedures. 


Serenity Paws strives to demonstrate the love of God for all people and their animals through unconditional love in customer service and expertise in pet care.

In an effort to put our customers first, Serenity Paws has developed a code of ethics by which we inspire every employee to high standards and virtuous workplace performance. 

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The front lobby is carefully temperature controlled to make sure it is comfortable.  We keep a sampling of our complimentary bandannas on the wall for you to choose your favorite style at check out. 

We keep your dog's collar and leash organized in the back on leash hooks. Each hook has a number and a name so we can make sure your dog has all their belongings when it's time to go home. 

Every dog gets a private kennel to wait in. The kennel comes with an extra fluffy mat and water in case they get thirsty. All dogs are expected to follow some simple etiquette while they are in the salon to make sure everyone has a relaxing visit. Unnecessary barking  is not allowed, and dogs from different families are not allowed to intermingle. This ensures your pet's spa day is as calm and enjoyable as possible. 

Our bathing area is cleaned regularly after each pet to make sure the tubs are always ready. We have two hot water heaters to make sure there will always be warm water for a relaxing scrub.  

A trained bather will  work with your dog throughout the bathing and drying process.  They test the temperature of the water to make sure it is just right before your dog is cleaned head to toe. When it's time for the blueberry facial, special attention is paid to ensure nothing gets into the ear canal or eyes. After your dog is all soaped up they will be rinsed down a second time before they get their conditioner. 

After the bath and towel dry, it's off to the drying tables. Industrial grooming dryers wick away moisture and fluff out your dog's fur so that it's in perfect condition for a trim. These dryers can be very loud, so as you can see he is wearing a 'happy hoody' to protect his sensitive ears. These are washed and dried after every use.  The bathers also wear protection. 

Time for the trim! We keep the grooming area sanitized and free of fur buildup at all times.  Our adjustable tables make sure our stylists have the best angle possible when giving your dog a trim. 

After the haircut it's time for the pedicure. We have conventional dog nail clippers and dremel tools to cut and file your dog's nails. We are careful to avoid cutting down to the quick and ensure that every nail is perfectly smooth before your dog leaves the table. 

When it's time to go home we give your dog a final flourish. Owners can choose a bandanna, bows, or collar flower for their pet so their dog can strut their new look with an added touch of style!  It is important to take these off when you get home to avoid any choking hazards. 

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12225 Voyager Parkway Suite #9 Colorado Springs, CO, 80920