Terms and Conditions

As your professional Pet Stylist/Hygienist, our primary concern is the health, comfort, safety and overall well-being of your pet. We are committed to going above and beyone all safety and sanitation requirements set by PACFA to maintain a safe and clean environment for your pet.

It is required that you provide the facility with a copy of your pet's current immunization record from your veterinarian. Serenity Paws requires your pet to be current on the Bordetella (kennel cough), Rabies and Distemper combination vaccinations. These vaccines protect your pet and the other pets in our facility from common communicable diseases. It is still possible for your pet to contract these diseases, especially kennel cough, despite being vaccinated. Serenity Paws will not be liable for any such condition. Serenity Paws will not be liable for any allergic reactions caused from any grooming product used, nor any injury, ilness, death or loss while in our facility.

In case of emergency, the owner designates Serenity Paws as agents and understands that Serenity Paws will do whatever is necessary and appropriate for the well-being of your pet while in our care. If your pet becomes ill or injured, we will attempt to contact you. If we are unable to contact you, we may engage the services of a veterinarian at our discretion and at the owner's expense.

While in our care, tethers (non-tightening grooming noose/collar) will be used to secure your pet while grooming. At the groomer's discretion, a muzzle may be used for the safety of the pet and our staff. These items will only be used on your pet under direct supervision.


If your pet is here longer than 5 hours, we will walk your pet outside securely on a slip lead.

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