At Serenity Paws we believe that confident owners make confident dogs, which is why it is important for you to know what to expect at your pet's grooming appointment. 


Grooming appointments are different from a veterinary appointment or the appointments you make for your haircuts. There are three major differences:

  • Grooming appointments take a few hours and may vary in duration

  • It takes a while for dogs to learn the grooming process 

  • Your pet may be uncertain or scared to leave you their first few visits. 


Grooming appointments may take a few hours. Not only does your dog have to get a complete bath and scrub, they also need to get dried thoroughly and every inch of them will need to be brushed and trimmed. They also have to get a complete pedicure, which involves a nail trim and nail filing. The entire process can take anywhere from 2-5 hours, although most grooms take approximately 3-4 hours. The time may vary depending on how many dogs are in the salon using the tubs and getting groomed. We will always provide you with a phone call/text message notification to let you know when your dog is ready to be picked up. 

Because there is limited space in the salon and dogs may need bathroom breaks, please let us know if you cannot pick up your dog when we call so we can make accommodations for them.


Unlike a vet appointment or hair appointment, your pet must learn to cooperate with our staff to let us complete their groom. This may be difficult for dogs that aren't used to a structure or routine. Our staff provides gentle but firm guidance to help your dog learn what to do, from sitting still for a blow-dry to offering a paw for a pedicure.  Their first few times may be overwhelming, but once your pet learns the routine they become more comfortable coming because they are more familiar with the process. We want them to come on a regular basis so they understand it is a part of life and they don't think its a punishment. Typically if they only come once the situation is dire and the fur is matted,  it feels more stressful.   


Pets may get nervous about being in a new place and experiencing a grooming appointment for the first few times. They may be especially uncertain if they have not learned the grooming routine or are unaccustomed to facing new situations. They may act like they are scared when they find themselves in our lobby because they realize they are going to be separated from their owner for a while and they don't know when you will be back. This is very common. You can help your pet gain confidence by teaching them positive separation skills, socializing them well and practicing grooming behaviors at home. 

The first few grooming appointments may seem scary, but your four-legged family member won't have to go through it alone. Our staff are carefully trained to help your dog adjust to the process and learn that grooming is not only a positive experience but a necessary part of their life. 

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