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If you don't have a membership there will be a $30
 surcharge added to your groom price at the time of your visit.

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If you have a geriatric dog, please read this.

We are a professional pet grooming salon with over two decades of experience. We are committed to the safety and comfort of your furry family members. We operate a drug and substance-free workplace. All staff are specially trained to handle special needs pets, including those with behavioral issues or senior animals. Please browse our gallery to see our work.


We are excited to meet you and your loved ones!

~ Angela Katie Bonham

Our Mission
To Love - To Serve - To Teach
With unconditional love in customer service and expertise in pet care:
Serenity Paws strives to improve and nourish healthy relationships with our pets by educating, supporting, and promoting active and intentional involvement in their wellness and hygienic needs.
Serenity Paws is established on faith-based values. These values are demonstrated through charity to others, consideration for the community, and deep respect for all persons and animals in our care.
Develop and increase the number of responsible pet owners and industry workers by providing a place where they can find lifelong alliance for themselves and their pets through education, encouragement, and support.


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