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Become a Member

Membership profiles and online booking are separate systems.

Your membership log-in will not work for the online booking system.

Elite Members
Some of your perks include scheduling within 72 hours and included pickup-and drop off. If you wish to use the pickup and drop off services, we ask that you schedule ahead as we have a limited number of drivers and need to plan accordingly.

Use the sign in/sign up button below to create a member profile. This is separate from your current online booking profile.
Once you have a profile, click the link below to purchase a membership plan. You must purchase a plan for your membership to be considered active.

When you sign up for a plan, the first charge will be taken out the day you sign up, however, the next charge won't be until a month from your chosen start date.

If you do not wish to start paying for the membership until a later start date, please wait to sign up until that time.

If you only come once every few months or do not wish to purchase a membership, you can still schedule, however, there will be a $30 surcharge per dog added to the groom price that includes up to 3 add-ons.

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