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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does a groom take?

The typical time for a groom of any kind, including a bath and tidy, is 2 - 4 hours. If you need your dog done before a specific time, please schedule accordingly. There is also the option of making your groom Express for an additional $20. This guarantees that your dog will be done in about 2 hours.  The Express option will minimize the amount of time your pet is here.

How often should I get my dog groomed?

The length between grooms varies depending on breed, lifestyle, and cut type. That being said, in general, we recommend getting your dog groomed every 4 - 6 weeks. Short-haired dogs such as greyhounds, Pitbulls, and chihuahuas or long-haired dogs such as golden retrievers and huskies may not need it as often and might only come in for a bath or de-shedding every couple of months. If you have a complicated cut or a curly-haired dog that mats easily, we suggest no more than 4 weeks for the sake of their comfort and health. Please consult with a specialist to help you determine which cut is most practical for your lifestyle and budget. Doodle owners, especially, must be in within 3-6 weeks regularly. 

How much does a groom cost?

The cost of a groom varies depending on the cut, the size of the dog, and if they are full-coated or not. For cats, it will be extra if you want us to bathe them and the price will vary depending on if you want a shave-down or just a brush-out. Please visit our services page for more information on pricing and breeds. 

Do I have to have a membership to schedule?

You do not have to have a membership to schedule, however, if you choose not to do a membership, a $30 surcharge will be added to your appointment and includes up to 4 add-ons.  If you are a client that grooms their pet regularly (4-6 weeks) we highly recommend signing up for at least a Bronze membership. 

Can I drop my dog off early?

Yes, you can drop your dog off early on your appointment day. Please note, however, that dropping off early does not guarantee that your dog will get done sooner. Also, there may be an additional stay fee added to your appointment so that we can have enough staff to care for your dog (things such as taking them out for a quick walk and maintaining their water bowl). If you need to drop off early, please let us know ahead of time so that we know to expect you.

What is included with my groom?

A groom includes a bath, fluff dry, upgraded shampoos, conditioner, nail clipping, and the cut itself. With your membership, you have at least 3 add-ons included. These add ons can be of any value. Add-ons include nail dremeling, upgraded conditioners, blueberry facial, toothbrushing, anal gland expression, ear plucking, medicated shampoos, flea and tick shampoo, de-shedding conditioner, additional brushing/de-matting, nail polish, and bows/flowers/bandanas.

How quickly do I have to pick up my pet?

We ask that you pick up your pet within an hour after we call or text you about a pickup time for them. If your pet is still here beyond that hour, you may be charged a stay fee so that we can care for your pet.  During the additional time we move them to a larger kennel, we will give your pet a walk and they will have access to clean water and a fluffy matt. We ask for prompt pickup if you do not intend to use our day-stay option. Please let us know ahead of time if we need to make special accommodations.  If you choose a day-stay option you may leave your dog/cat until 5:15PM and drop off as early as 7AM. 

What are seminars?

Seminars are classes hosted and taught by our groomers. They include instruction on things such as brushing, nail trimming and handling, acclimation tours, and even a doodle grooming class. When attending a class, please bring one of your dogs to the class and you are welcome to bring family members with you to the class. The seminars are included with the cost of your membership. If not a member, you can also sign up online through the Seminars tab. There will be a fee for these classes if you are not a member. 

What does it mean by 'special needs' dog?

A special needs dog can mean a few different things. It may mean that the pet is disabled in some way which changes the way we handle them or it could mean that the pet is geriatric and becoming extremely difficult to groom. In the case of geriatric dogs especially, we have a liability release we will need you to sign. Special needs dogs are typically more fragile and require added staff and additional care and concern.  

Do I need an appointment for a nail trim?

We do request that you make an appointment for nail trims simply so that we can plan around it for the rest of our scheduling. When you come in for a nail trim, be advised you may have to wait a few minutes for a groomer to be available. If it will be longer than a few minutes before we can take them back, we will inform you and you are welcome to wait in the lobby or visit the dog-friendly Mary Kyer Park directly behind the building. Nail trims only take  5-10 minutes and you can wait for them in the lobby until finished.

Do I have to schedule online?

Online booking is for your convenience. You are welcome to call us to schedule an appointment any time during business hours.

Can I watch my dog being groomed?

You are welcome to watch the groomers through the window in the lobby. If you want to watch in the grooming area, please send in a request to our email as you will have to sign a special waiver in order to be allowed in the grooming area. This waiver will release us from any liability and make it possible for you to be inside the grooming area so you can see firsthand what we do.  There is an additional charge for this opportunity, but you can be with your pet through the entire process if desired. 

What does it mean to be an AKC S.A.F.E Certified Salon?

"Through our coursework and pledge to the AKC Grooming Safety Oath, we demonstrate our commitment to the health, safety, and well-being of the pets entrusted in our care."


Our staff has been rigorously trained to safely handle and care for your pets and we display our certification through the AKC.


We make sure to have at least one employee in the shop at all times who is Pet CPR and First Aid Certified.

Our efforts to keep your pet safe have come with serious responsibilities on our part. We will continue to keep our certifications current and go above and beyond all safety requirements of the AKC and PACFA.


We have taken an oath to keep your pets safe while they are in our care.

My dog is considered an "aggressive" breed. Will you still groom them?

Yes. We know that every dog is different and many breeds that are considered "aggressive" are some of the sweetest dogs we've encountered. We believe that this behavior is directly related to fear.  They are not accustomed to the process and maybe it hasn't been a consistent routine in their lives.  They are often not trying to 'give us a hard time, they are having a hard time.'

It is our job to help you help them. Consistent grooming is required to help them understand this process and gain trust through routine.  Please be ready to help them gain that trust by keeping a steady schedule- We often see people shy away from getting their pet groomed if they have had past troubles with aggression.  The owner typically feels more anxiety and becomes fearful that their dog will hurt someone or their dog will get hurt and in turn, they stop grooming them or keep them away from situations that might put them in a dangerous position.  Although this is definitely a risk, our staff have the skills to adapt to the behavior and help you work through the troubles.  


If your dog does have any kind of behavior issue, please let us know so that we can adjust our handling and scheduling methods accordingly. At the end of your first groom, we will give you a report on how they did throughout the grooming process and put a game plan in place to help you/us help them. 

What is a Master Stylist?

We have several Master Stylists in our salon. What this means is that they have been grooming for 5-10 years or more and are more experienced with various types of cuts. Your dog may be done by a Master Stylist in the course of a regular groom, but if you request one of our Master Stylists specifically (currently Katie, Dayn, and Rakalynn) there will be a $10 request fee.

Please keep in mind that this means that they will sometimes be unavailable, as they tend to get fully scheduled quickly.

What are add-ons?

Add-ons are additional services that you can add to your grooming service. At least 3 add-ons are included in the cost of a membership and up to 4 are included with the surcharge.  You can select your add ons of any value to add to your groom.  The higher your membership, the more you can add. 

They include: 

Anal Glands -$10.00

Nail Polish- $10.00

Bows, Bandanas, Flowers- $5.00

Blueberry Facials- $10.00

Upgraded conditioners- $10.00

Medicated shampoos-$ 10.00

Flea and Tick treatment- $15.00

Nail filing/dremmeling- $20.00 as an add-on

                                     $20 if nail trim & Dremmel only for non-members

                                     $10 if nail trim & Dremmel only for members

     (nail clipping is included with the groom, dremmeling smooths the nails out)

     (if you come in for just a nail trim, it includes clipping and dremmeling and is $20)

Teeth Brushing- $10.00

Ear Plucking- $10.00

De-shed treatment- $20.00

Additional brushing/de-matting- $15.00

Hair Dye - $10.00

Is the salon open on Sundays?

Serenity Paws is a faith-based business and as such we close on Sundays to allow our employees to worship and spend time with their families. There are exceptions once a month for Elite members only. 

Can I get a same-day appoinment?

Sometimes. It is not often we are able to accommodate same-day appointments as we are a very busy salon. We are typically booked out about a week and a half to two weeks out on a regular week.

During the holidays we tend to book up very quickly, so we recommend booking those appointments ahead of schedule a month or two ahead or we may not be able to get you on our schedule in time. During such high-traffic times, we do have a running waitlist, however there is no guarantee that you will be called in as it depends on the type of cancellations we receive and how the rest of the day is scheduled. Please remember if you are an Elite or Platinum member we have reserved appointments for you and you may schedule within 48 hours.

Why did you go to a membership structure?

By going to a membership structure, we are able to better serve you and your pets. It allows us to better personalize the time we spend with your pet and make their groom as polished as possible. 

Furthermore,  Serenity Paws was once an all-inclusive salon- and although this is how we wanted to continue, it was not possible with the rising cost of doing business.  Our costs have increased so significantly that it was necessary to change the way we do business.  We want people to know that the memberships have allowed us to stay open. They have provided the opportunity for us to send our staff to training seminars, get them safety certified, give out raises, and keep the salon in the most respectable condition possible for your beloved pet.  It has opened up new opportunities for us to help educate owners on the best way to care for their pets by adding seminars and a new space for clients to come in and enjoy.  Please also remember, Serenity Paws and all our staff are sensitive to financial hardships as many of us know the struggle- Therefore, as always, if the cost of grooming or membership is too much of a burden to bear, please speak to one of our specialists about a sliding scale.  We can help. 

Are you going to raise your prices?

Our prices are subject to change at any time. As we are all aware, times can be difficult for individuals and businesses alike. We will always try to be competitive in our pricing and keep it as low as possible, but sometimes it is necessary to raise prices to continue. In general, if we are going to do a salon-wide price raise, we will post information about it in the lobby and on our website so that you know it is coming.

I heard you are a "no bark" Salon. Is this true?

Yes! We work hard to keep the salon calm for all the dogs by teaching them that it is a safe place and they don't need to bark while they are here.  We have additional 'support staff' on duty to allow the dogs to see and feel that someone is there at all times.  Often when they bark, it is due to the fact that they are alone and want to be released (they want you to know they are there). Comforting them is important.  Barking dogs make barking dogs, so when the others feel and notice we are a quiet salon, they do not feel the need to bark. Sometimes we get a new client that will bark, but after a few visits, they realize it isn't necessary.  The grooming process can be stressful for some, so it is very important that we don't add to the stress by having a loud stressful environment.  Dogs are so smart, they know when you tell them 'no' and they understand the routine once they have done it a few times.  Please do your best to keep your pet quiet when they arrive and when they leave.  However, do not feel bad if they are so excited to see you that they just can't contain their voice.  We understand.  Please do not be mean to your pet or hit them for barking.  A firm no and consistent correction will allow them to understand over time that they don't need to bark.  We love them and we want them to feel so comfortable that they can relax when they are here. 

I am a member, why do I have to wait so long to get an appointment?

Like many salons in the area, we are booked into the future.  It is essential that when you leave your appointment, you re-book to avoid any scheduling conflicts or delayed grooming appointments.  The only members guaranteed an appointment time within three days are the Platinum and Elite members.  If you want to cancel your membership you may do so at any time. You can upgrade to a level so that you may get in sooner, or you may want to cancel your Bronze, Silver, or Gold temporarily so you aren't paying during a month you can't get in.    Also, do NOT forget we have a waitlist and we frequently get to this list because there are always changes. 

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