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About Observation Opportunities

Please understand that we are inviting you into our ‘home’. A place where we work diligently to keep our employees, clients, and our beloved pets/visitors safe at all times (our family). We ask that you respect our policies and procedures and sign this document before participating.  You may provide us with an email address prior to your appointment so that we may send you our publications in regard to our Code of Ethics, mission, vision, and values.

There are many things to be seen. We maintain a clean and calm environment, but can encounter times when there is some barking, some scared pets, and some puppies that might yelp at just the mere sound of the clippers. We are a very busy salon and can care for up to 60 pets per day. It is exciting. We ask for your compassion and thoughtful insight in all we do as we allow you to sit and observe our daily routine.

 Understand that we give our grooming services to all breeds of dogs and cats, all ages from babies to geriatric stages, those with special needs, and even pets with behavioral issues (anxiety, aggression, insecurities, etc..). It is extremely important that you take into consideration that we use many different handling techniques, skills, and methods to complete different levels of grooming services.  Some techniques may provoke you to ask questions. We will gladly answer ALL your inquiries in depth with special consideration to help educate and teach at the end of your visiting time.  You will receive a pad and pen to document as you observe to help you remember things you wish to inquire about.

 Due to the intricate environment of our salon, it is equally important that when you sign up for this opportunity to watch us in action, that you remain in compliance with the rules of the sitting area to avoid any injuries or inaccurate perceptions of handling.  

We will ask for your feedback and what you witnessed as a part of our ongoing effort to keep our salon running at the highest of standards. You can also share or ask questions during or at the end of your visit if you see or hear something that you would like to inquire about.  

Please print, fill out, and bring the following form

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