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If You Have A Geriatric and/or a Special needs pet, Please Read!

Updated: Jan 30, 2023

If you are reviewing this material, it is because you have a pet that is in an advanced stage of life or, has special needs and/or, in the past or present, has received a medical health diagnosis, pregnancy, or surgery that could be complicated by a grooming process.

This can be an unsettling topic, but be prepared to sign a release form and have an in-depth conversation with one of our master stylists so that we may serve you and your pet in the safest possible way. We know they are precious, so help us help them by cooperating with our team to make sure we can keep the level of risk to a minimum.

Serenity Paws highly recommends staying on a routine grooming schedule so that your pet may go through the process with as little stress as possible. It is EXTREMELY important that you stay compliant with any pet that has special needs or behavioral troubles to help them understand that it is a safe and painless routine when done properly.

If you have a geriatric pet or special needs pet that requires regular grooming, it is also VERY important that you do NOT let the coat/hair get to a state of being matted or difficult to maintain because this will cause more stress and longer/harder grooming sessions. If/when the coat/hair is tangled, matted, or very long it will prolong the grooming session in turn putting your pet in a more vulnerable state for re-injury, and/or aggravated health issues.

Understand that a matted pet must be pre-shaved before grooming can continue- we will NOT brush out a matted pet that has special needs. It is not safe and it will only make your pet more upset. When a pet is severely matted it is a tedious and painful process to get the hair removed. This can cause prolonged grooming sessions and agitation for pets that are already sensitive or have behavioral troubles. Likewise, if the hair is long, your pet must sit through longer labor times for washing, rinsing, conditioning, rinsing again, dry time, and brushing time- if you have a pet that needs special accommodations due to health, age, behavior, surgeries, or any special needs- Serenity Paws will NOT allow a style that will put your pet through a grooming session not fit for their condition.

If your pet isn’t groomed regularly (4-6 week schedule) it is more prone to stress episodes and difficulties. They like routine, and if this isn't a part of their life routines it is scary and unfamiliar. Please be sure to help them by keeping a routine.

Although Serenity Paws takes great concern and caution when handling pets, it is still possible for the process to aggravate health issues and or previous surgeries up to and including death.

Serenity Paws and all their affiliates are released from any and every liability that may occur from the health, age, surgeries, and any illness or disorder that may occur from past or present ailments.

In any event, understand that any cost for medical attention will be at the expense of the owner.

Please make sure you provide the facility with an emergency contact that can be reached easily when you drop your pet off.

If your pet is at an advanced age and you do not want us to resuscitate it in the event of a life-or-death situation please let us know. Serenity Paws and its affiliates will make all efforts to resuscitate/revive any pet at the expense of the owner if we are directed to do so. Furthermore, in the event that life-saving efforts are acted upon, the efforts may be unsuccessful and Serenity Paws and all affiliates can not be held liable.

We hope to never have to act on a resuscitate order, but we wish to be prepared so that we can help you/them in the best way possible.

Thank you for reading.

With all our love,

Katie Bonham and Team

You may print the attached release form or ask for one when you come in for your next groom.

Medical Release Geriatric +
Download DOCX • 56KB

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